Alcohol and the workplace essay

Some feel that the government needs to step in and offer a solution, which could actually work. The consequences of alcohol abuse in the workplace are numerous. Retrieved January 23,from Research Library.

They may enjoy a beer or two from time to time, but are not the kind of group who gets their paycheck and disappears for a few days. Does having a drug-free workforce help you in the industry?

There is a formula for determining rates, and those rates are based on experience modifiers, among other things. The overabundance of alcohol will have an impact on the physical aspect of an employee such as cirrhosis of the liver, alcohol dementia, heart disease, sexual dysfunction and even death.

But we hire smart. The use of opium became ramped in the United States as well. The use of psychedelic drugs has been used as a form of treatment for alcoholism.

It is further suggested that drug use in the workplace can be prevented elaws.

Facts about Alcohol and Workplace Issues

It may be illegal to drive a care while drunk but generally it is not illegal to be drunk while at work or after you end your workday. The typical, marijuana, cocaine, meth, etc. So what are the solutions to alcohol affects in the workplace? Still others resort to using methods of fasting or subjecting the body to a rigorous test of endurance.

Alcohol in the Workplace

All employers and employees have safety and health responsibilities and obligations in relation to the workplace. Just blow into here please: Because of this newly, wide spread use, the government began to create federal agencies to aggressively enforce the federal laws that were in existence.

This instance will not be of help to alcoholic drinker at the workplace for they have all the chance to continue their bad habits of drinking.

The concept was first implemented at F. Workplace economy with long-term alcohol-related burden attributed to compensation and employer liabilities; loss of skills and employees; and the related costs of replacement and training new employees. There is nothing wrong with alcohol consumption as long as it is not overdone.

What do you test for? Are the costs incurred due to your drug testing policy fiscally efficient? Most of all, we are saddled with high insurance rates, specifically liability and Workers Compensation rates. Not socializing in these situations could leave you ostracized by your boss and co-workers causing you to miss out on opportunities.

Alcohol in the Workplace

The Vancouver Sun, p. Cocaine and marijuana are pretty popular, unfortunately. Additionally, they endanger the lives of everyone they come in contact with, which can be hundreds of people a day. The effects of alcohol can impact on behaviour e.

The only other alternative to generate excitement is the use of drugs. Is the problem rampant in your company? Most young people today are not familiar with the side effects and health risks of LSD.

National Alcohol Indicators Bulletin No. An employer wants productivity from its workers. Kirkey goes on to say that a future study will show that drinking more than drinks a week will result in earning less than someone who does not drink. America will continue to struggle with the task of eliminating substance abuse.

Alcohol abuse in the workplace: This act of co-worker is not enough to correct the alcoholics from their vices and it is advisable to report their co-worker Shinderman Traditional treatment for alcohol abuse usually involves a twelve -step program at a licensed treatment center.

Alcohol Abuse in the Work Place

Combing mental illness and substance abuse makes it difficult to treat an individual for their mental problems.The Effect of Employee Assistance Programs At the Workplace Essay - The Effect of Employee Assistance Programs At the Workplace Throughout the business world, one of the largest problems individual businesses face is the use of illegal drugs and alcohol.

Workplace drug use can be defined as the use of any substance by a working individual, either on or off the site that can have potential workplace effects. The prevalence of drug use in the work place is an important issue for employees and employers/5(5).

Alcohol Facts and statistics ( Global Burden of alcohol abuse, Inmillion deaths, or percent of all global deaths ( percent for men and 4 percent for women), were attributable to alcohol consumption.

Topics from the book that will be analyzed are the following: the problem with alcohol, alcohol policies in the workplace, and workplace testing. 1.

Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace

The Problem with Alcohol Book Summary: Alcohol both directly and indirectly affects communities and the workplace. The availability of alcohol and workplace culture including attitudes, behaviours and expectations around drinking in work-related environments can influence individual alcohol use and drinking patterns and the impact of alcohol-related harm on the safety and health and overall productivity of the workplace.

Equity in the Workplace Essay - Equity in the Workplace Employment, Inc is committed to a policy, as stated by the Federal Employment Equity, of achieving equality in the workplace so that no person is denied employment opportunities, pay or benefits for reasons unrelated to ability.

Alcohol and the workplace essay
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