Anything good about men

Research is somewhat the same way: Ditto forthe communal-exchange difference Women have more communal orientation, men moreexchange. There isone crucial implication from all this.

Men on Top

Creativitymay be another example of gender difference in motivation rather than ability. Some argue that the men erasedit from the history books in order to safeguard their newly won power.

The same two-spheres Anything good about men is supported in plenty of other places. Culture is relatively new in evolution. Thisgoes back to what I said at the outset, that cultures tend to use men for Anything good about men, high-payoff undertakings, where a significant portion of those willsuffer bad outcomes ranging from having their time wasted, all the way to beingkilled.

In the 19th century in America, middle-class girls and women played piano far more than men. Then look at the top, the heroes, the inventors, the philanthropists, and so on. Communal including communist countries remain primitive and poor, whereas the rich, advanced nations havegotten where they are by means of economic exchange.

I think marriage, viewed from a broad cultural perspective, is a great tool to get men to hanker down on their careers and create wealth for society. I want to emphasize two. The second fallacy to which people fall victim is to overlook differences in motivation. One of the basic, most widely accepted gender differences is agency versus communion.

Thecultures that have succeeded have used this formula, and that is one reasonthat they have succeeded instead of their rivals. This can be in a positive way, such asthe fact that cultures give elaborate funerals and other memorials to men whoseem to embody its favorite values. This appears to be due to a genetic vulnerability.

For many men, there would be few chances to reproduce and so they had to be ready for every sexual opportunity.

Remember, most of the mediocre men left no descendants at all. Most cultures see individual men as more expendable thanindividual women, and this difference is probablybased on nature, in whose reproductive competition some men are the big losersand other men are the biggest winners.

Men, in contrast, would divide itunequally, giving the biggest share of reward to whoever had done the mostwork. Let meoffer a different explanation.

Men on Top

Nature endowed me with plenty of restless sexual energy and drive to climb to the top. But it has worked. In fact my own theory is built around tradeoffs, so thatwhenever there is something good it is tied to something else that is bad, andthey balance out.

Is There Anything Good About Men?

This year we passed the milestone of 3, deaths in Iraq, and of those, 2,were men, 62 were women. Later in this talk we will ponder things like, why was it so rare for ahundred women to get together and build a ship and sail off to explore unknownregions, whereas men have fairly regularly done such things?

Is There Anything Good about Men?: How Cultures Flourish by Exploiting Men

Second, the manshould create some additional wealth or surplus value so that it can providefor others in addition to himself. It is elusive both because men's sexual fantasies are somewhat beyond reality and because few men reach greatness, while those who do have paid a high price along the way in terms of self-sacrifice.

Because men care more about that network. In our evolutionary pasts, only tho Baumeister gives a standard economic argument to explain differences in outcomes e. Henceit was necessary to take chances, try new things, be creative, explore other possibilities.

Likewise, who gets killed in battle? Look at it this way. Women favor the kind of relationships in which each person is precious and cannot truly be replaced.Is There Anything Good About Men? How Cultures Flourish by Exploiting Men. First Edition. Roy F.

Baumeister. this book relies on evidence from a wide range of disciplines to present a new theory of gender and culture. Florida State University psychology professor Roy F.

Baumeister has published an excellent, even stunning book that answers the title question, "Is there anything good about men?" with a resounding yes/5(36). Buy Is There Anything Good About Men?: How Cultures Flourish by Exploiting Men: Read 36 Books Reviews - In Is There Anything Good About Men?, Roy Baumeister offers provocative answers to these and many other questions about the current state of manhood in America.

Baumeister argues that relations between men and women are now and have always been more cooperative than antagonistic, that men and women are different in basic ways, and that.

Aug 20,  · What percentage of your ancestors were men? No, it’s not 50 percent, as I’ll explain shortly.

Is There Anything Good About Men?: How Cultures Flourish by Exploiting Men

But first let me credit the source, Roy F. Baumeister, who answered that question – and a lot of other ones – in an address on Friday at the annual convention of the American Psychological Association in San Francisco.

I recommend reading the whole speech: “Is There Anything Good About Men?”. Thequestion of whether there’s anything good about men is only my point ofdeparture. The tentative title of the book I’m writing is “How culture exploitsmen,” but even that for me is the lead-in to grand questions about how cultureshapes action.

Anything good about men
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