Blind date 1984 film

The DVD case claims this is a remastered director's cut, so I would have to hated to seen what it looked like prior.

Interesting how the setup for the eyes looks exactly like the walkman that he wore before he went blind, oh well. He ends up in a subway, attacked by a gang of youths who appear to be rejects from the cast of West Side Story.

Blind Date (1984 film)

The main woman who the lead character cares for is only seen and we never actually hear her speak until the very end, this is very sloppy writing and execution. Payment Payments will be processed via: Four good reasons right there, if you ask me Beautiful movie ,quite sexuallyI like it a lotwhat a love!

It does, howeve, offer plenty of realism and raw characters, some mild horror, a few shocks and plenty of suspense and atmosphere towards the end. There are 1 items available. Al S kr wrote: I checked, and, surprisingly, no such films has yet to be made Don't let to take risk in life and don't say NO to big opportunities.

Unfortunately, everything looks like Space Invaders to him. In terms of thrilling, the whole serial killer aspect was quite lame, especially since all we know is he's someone who drives a cab, all of his victims being comely woman who he just gave a lift to, and wears Velcro strapped shoes which I thought were only worn by Blind date 1984 film unable to tie their own shoes like small children or extremely old men Things become a little muddled when this device gives the lead some kind of psychic link yes, that again with a killer for no apparent reason, so instead it skips over the technical aspects and just hopes the audience will accept the device at face value.

You can not add releases to movie list so if you are planning to create a list of your blu ray collection, rather create a Release list and add your blurays there: Too bad the killer didn't do away with the composer Aleksandra L nl wrote: Was this review helpful?

Some items may end up at customs inspections in Serbia so we will kindly ask you to be patient while such inspections take place because they can cause a delay in the delivery time. Third, the blind man uses a souped-up walkman that allows him to "see. It is quite memorable.

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Home >> Watch Blind Date () Movie Online - CoolMovieZone. Watch Blind Date () Online. Genre: Horror, Latest, Thriller. Jun 01,  · The film, Blind Date, is hosted on various sites and is not uploaded by any person affiliated with us nor is it available for download. All movies are not actually on Cartoon HD and are indexed from other sources like Putlocker, movies, GoMovies, GoStream, and palmolive2day.comed on: June 01, A man goes blind when remembering his lost girlfriend, but the doctors can’t find anything wrong with his eyes.

If your trying to track down this old 80’s thriller, you might have to dig thru a few VHS bins. The major key element here is an early film starring a much younger, trimmed down and. Keywords: yesmovies blind date Blind-date free movies online free tv series online blind date yesmovies blind date full movie Blind-date You May Also Like on Yesmovies.


Blind Date (1984)

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Blind date 1984 film
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