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Lizzy Caplan is a revelation as Janis, a punk character who would be sidelined either as a freak, or as a candidate for a makeover, in any other teen movie. But without the exemplary supporting cast, notably Franzese and Amy Poehler as Regina's "cool" but oblivious mom, they'd be buzzing around in circles.

Lacey Chabert is ideal as Gretchen, the insecure, 2nd-in command girl, who fakes her friendship with Regina just to be considered popular.

The script is witty, barbed, and, crucially, true. After Regina sabotages Cady's attempt to get together with Aaron Samuels, Cady decides to get revenge with the Still, the tableau Alvarez creates as the poor girl slumps to the floor, bathed in yellow light, is hellish and impressive.

You can unsubscribe at any time. Amanda Seyfried, as the ultimate dumb blonde Karen, has impeccable comic timing. The Mean girls movie review opens up with Cady Heron Lindsay Lohan embarking on her first day of the jungle that is high school ever as she has been home-schooled in Africa her whole life.

After Regina, the leader or Queen Bee, kisses the Mean girls movie review Cady has a crush on, Cady, Janice and Damian get revenge on her, by feeding her Kalteen bars, which make you put on weight, giving her foot cream for her face, and using the classic three-way calling method that plenty of girls these day use.

And that's a problem, since Cady has already developed a major crush on Aaron Jonathan Bennettwho happens to have once been Regina's boyfriend. Lindsay Lohan is perfect as Cady, the clueless girl who gets a taste of popularity and has to have more.

How do high-schoolers handle consumerism when it comes to cars and clothes -- especially if they can't afford to buy what's designer and trendy?

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Lizzy Caplan is a revelation as Janis, a punk character who would be sidelined either as a freak, or as a candidate for a makeover, in any other teen movie.

Few of them are well written enough get their point across without suspending their sense of humor. As has become customary, the new film brings us a final girl to root for, presumably redeeming the grueling experience by inviting our identification with the victims.

What is theme of the movie Mean Girls?

Confusing matters is the class' wealthy wallflower, Abby Jennifer Stonewhose rich father offers Jo college tuition in exchange for befriending Abby. Regina runs out into the street and Cady follows her, where Regina starts shouting at her, when she is hit by a bus.

Fey clearly remembers how cruel kids can be, and the crippling desire to be cool at school - whether through jargon, dress-sense, or doing someone else down. She frequently equates teenage behavior with Darwinism on the veldt, complete with visions of kids stalking the halls like jaguars, shrieking like apes and picking fleas off one another.

Mean Girls is, as Gretchen would say in keeping with "British" slang, even though I'm English and the term just doesn't exist! And what holds the film together are the great performances from the actors. Mean Girls is far from perfect, but it has brains beneath its glossy, vacuum-packed beauty.

Once 'in', the idea is to destroy the clique, but there's an appeal to becoming part of it Was this review helpful?

Mean Girls

And what holds the film together are the great performances from the actors. Surprisingly, however, she is also quickly welcomed into the Plastics, a group of uber-popular girls who seem to be simultaneously admired and resented by all.

Add your rating See all 68 kid reviews. Gretchen and Karen now pick Cady. The rest of the movie examines this power struggle and the ways that Regina and Cady's brutal behavior escalates.

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Cady Lohan begins socially canoodling with the elitist "plastics" not because she wants to be popular, but because she wants to help bring them down. Together they plan to sabotage the vindictive girls' popularity and self-confidence.

But if true, Wiseman said the girls' actions would be a betrayal of every person, male or female, who struggles to report sexual assault.

The phrase, used in the lawsuit, might bring to mind the movie and cultural touchstone "Mean Girls. She's been home-schooled all her life in Africaand is totally unprepared for and untutored in the ways of an American high school.

Usually, Jo keeps to herself, but when she stands up to a trio of girls who rule the school -- queen bee Mandi Maiara Walshvapid sexpot Chastity Claire Holtand well-dressed germaphobe Hope Nicole Gale Anderson -- she finds herself the target of their mean-girl viciousness.

I think part of the idea is to keep a certain kind of credibility in the face of obvious common-sense objections to the sequence of events on screen. But having grown up in isolated corners of Africa as the home-schooled daughter of zoologist parents, Cady is ill-prepared for her foray into the jungles of an American high school -- a concept that is given laugh-out-loud life through Cady's imagination.

The uber-teens — mega-rich Gretchen Wieners Lacey Chabertwhose family fortune was built on toaster pastries; brainless Karen Smith Amanda Seyfriedwho thinks her breasts can forecast the weather; and queen-bee Regina George Rachel McAdamswho rules with an iron fist and backhanded compliments — invite self-proclaimed math-lover Cady to have lunch with them on a trial basis.

After all, nothing much ever happened in The Evil Dead."Mean Girls" is a silly and funny teen movie, supported mainly by the gorgeous and charismatic Lindsay Lohan.

The story explores the behavior of the teenagers. Mean Girls confirmed one thing for me; I am so glad I never had a daughter. According to this movie, teenage girls are all petty, self centered, vicious creatures who spend far too much time judging and insulting each other.

The culture described in Mean Girls seems to relate most to material and nonmaterial. Karen Smith is a member of the Plastics and a student at Northshore High School. Karen is shown to be extremely stupid and easily influenced by the other members of the Plastics, namely Regina George, and Gretchen.

In “Mean Girls,” there’s no such issue. Tellingly, the only struggle with money is the one faced by Tina Fey’s character, Ms. Norbury, the newly divorced math teacher who moonlights as a. Movie reviews for Mean Girls 2. MRQE Metric: See what the critics had to say and watch the trailer.

This is a great question. There are many themes in the movie, Mean Girls. In light of this, let me name a few of them.

Mean Girls 2 (2011) (TV)

First, there is a theme of the horrors of being mean.

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