Trees and their uses essay

Trees are also very necessary for having good rainfall. This evergreen tree is very fast growing. Trees play an important role in purifying the air around us. From the name, it can be understood that it has thorny and prickly character.

It has thick and fleshy leaves with sharp edges but does not have a stem. The leaves have fine and smooth margins. Trees are beautiful and useful gifts of nature. If damage occurs the tree may in time become hollow. A certain tree can intercept a thousand gallon of water when fully grown.

Trees can also degrade animal wastes into fertilizers for their own consumption. The rosewood is a kind of tree grows up Trees and their uses essay an altitude of about 25 m and has a diameter of about 3 m.

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Cucumber is popularly used as a food item world widely and known by several names. Other than as a chemical process happenin Keep an eye out for these lovely trees though; they are present in mainland Britain from the south of England to Scotland.

It transports water and minerals from the roots to the upper parts of the tree. This Sal tree has a tough texture and leathery leaves. This improves the immunity of our body and is useful for healthy hair.

The leaves are round oval shaped which contain essential oils. The Arecaceae palms have their leaves spirally arranged on an unbranched trunk.

Stands of Hazel growing by the side of a track Hazel leaf Common Alder Alder is a common tree of damp ground, often growing besides streams, rivers and ponds.

Also, used as an ointment for skin disease and foot cream. The black walnuts are mostly used commercially.

Importance of trees in our life

Each sub-branches of the tree usually consist of numerous opposite pair of leaflets which is the key feature of this tree. The trees provide us flowers, fruits, fodder for animals, wood for fire and furniture and provide cool shadow from scorching sun.

This is considered to be a living fossil because it is virtually unchanged from the fossilised specimens found in Triassic deposits. Thus, trees play an important role in our life. Cedar tree is mainly known as Cedar wood all over.

Trees are great friends of men. An area of land planted with fruit or nut trees is an orchard. Frozen ground may limit water availability and conifers are often found in colder places at higher altitudes and higher latitudes than broad leaved trees.

The roots require oxygen to respire and only a few species such as the mangrove and the pond cypress Taxodium ascendens can live in permanently waterlogged soil.

Uses of forest trees essays

Some of the largest seeds come from trees, but the largest tree, Sequoiadendron giganteumproduces one of the smallest tree seeds. These include cinnamonmade from the bark of the cinnamon tree Cinnamomum zeylanicum and allspicethe dried small fruits of the pimento tree Pimenta dioica.

Many trees provide us medicinal products such as quinine and eucalyptus. They have actinorhizal root nodules on their roots in which the bacteria live.

A mature tree in leaf can resemble a fizzy drink squirting from a bottle.

Importance of trees in our life

The leaves of hazel are elongated in shape which looks like racket shaped with a rough texture. Although "tree" is a term of common parlance, there is no universally recognised precise definition of what a tree is, either botanically or in common language.Trees contribute to their environment by providing oxygen, improving air quality, climate amelioration, conserving water, preserving soil, and supporting wildlife.

During the process of photosynthesis, trees take in carbon dioxide and produce the oxygen we breathe. Nov 30,  · If i wrote it in a book no one would believe it-too ap english literature free response sample essays thats exactly what happened the essay takes a ap.


Sherlock holmes analysis essay by: deniska on: another way is to read what has been. Short Paragraph on Trees. Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles, Kids On February 23, By Deepak Chaturvedi. A tree is a large woody plant. A defining feature is its tall hard stem.

They have leaves. They propagate using seeds. There are a group of trees in a forest. When trees process their own food, oxygen is released during the process and is importance of trees essay, uses of trees essay, importance of trees, essay on.

Short Paragraph on Trees

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